Helix DNA Client for Symbian/Series 60 1.2 Preview Release


Helix DNA Client for Symbian/Series 60 1.2 Preview Release

Welcome to the Helix DNA Client for Symbian/Series 60 Preview Release!

Package Description

The release package contains the Helix DNA Client for Symbian/Series 60. It may be downloaded from the File sharing section of the Distribution project. Please note that you must agree to the Binary EULA in order to download this package.

This package contains four Symbian install files (.sis) -- basic and advanced profile players for both the emulator and the handset.

The basic profile player contains support for streaming and local playback of the following data types:

RealAudio G2, 7, 8 RealVideo G2, 7, 8, 9 H.263 AMR-NB AMR-WB MP3

The advanced profile supports all the data types in the basic profile and adds support for:

3GPP SMIL 3GPP Timed Text

The emulator install files are contained in the "emulator" subdirectory. The handset install files are contained in the "hardware" subdirectory.

Installation Instructions


To install on the Series 60 WINS emulator, copy either the "basic" or "advanced" profile .sis file from the "emulator" subdirectory to:


You may need to create this directory if it does not exist. After copying the .sis file start the emulator and select the "Apps Ctrl" application in the "Configurations" directory. Hi-light the RealPlayer .sis file and select "Install" from the "Options" menu.

We have had some issues with uninstalling on the emulator. If you want to uninstall or change from one profile to another, it may be necessary to manually remove the player directory, "System\Apps\RealPlayer", and the recognizer, "System\recogs\hxsymrecog.mdl".


To install on the handset, transfer either the "basic" or "advanced" profile .sis file from the "hardware" subdirectory to the handset via IR and install directly from the "Messages" application. If you get "Not Enough Memory" errors, try installing by copying the .sis file to an MMC card and launching the .sis file directly from a file browser application.

If you don't have access to a file browser, you can download Handy File from epocware.

Finding Content

The "content" directory contains some .ram files with links to streaming content.

Additional content suitable for streaming playback may be found at:

RealOne Mobile Guide

Content suitable for local playback may be found at:

RealOne - Entertainment RealOne - Music

Playing Content

In order for the player to access local content from the "file" view it needs to be located in either C:\Nokia\Videos or any location on the MMC. Content may also be sent to the handset via IR and viewed from the "Messages" application or it may be downloaded from the "Services" application on the handset.

To play streaming content you can either enter rtsp:// URLs directly into the player's "Open URL" dialog or create a .ram file on your PC (.ram files are text files that contain URLs) and transfer that to the handset. The .ram file should then be accessible as local content.

Known Issues

This is a pre-beta release. It contains known problems and may contain unknown problems. You can view an up-to-date list of open issues or file new issues at the Issues page.

Issues for this project are filed under the "Client" component and should have the "OS:" field set to "Symbian OS".

For this release, the most significant open issues are:

733 - player startup slow compared to microcore player The player starts more slowly than our older player. We have a planned performance optimization for the initial DLL loading that should address this issue. 790 - Screensaver pauses audio When playing an audio only clip that is longer than the screensaver timeout value, the screensaver comes on after the timeout and playback pauses. 791 - 2 Files Stop Blitting Video Half Way Through Video clips that are too large or have too high frame rate will not render properly. 912 - Network playback uses ~700k more than local A referenence counting problem in the network code is causing all the player plugins to remain loaded during playback -- even those not needed for the clip being played. Because of this issue, it is easy to run out of memory during streaming especially when playing video clips. We have a fix for this that is pending code review. Other issues: Help is not implemented Player for debug emulator panics on exit This is the result of Symbian's heap checking code firing because the player is exiting with outstanding heap allocations. These are not true memory leaks, but a side effect of how we are storing global objects. We are looking into ways to address this issue. Some SMIL presentations leave 'garbage' on screen when finished GIFs in SMIL presentations not rendering SMIL playback leaks sites If you play a SMIL file, all following video clips will not be auto-size or centered until you restart the player.

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