HelixPlayer for Symbian


HelixPlayer for Symbian

Symbian is a popular operating system for mobile phones and other handheld devices. The purpose of this project is to create and continuously improve a fully featured Player application leveraging Helix DNA Client for the Symbian operating system. If you are interested in helping with this effort, we encourage you to join the project!

HelixPlayer for Symbian v1.0 GUI:


General Goals:

  • Produce high performance enthusiast-consumer product incorporating latest technology on most recent handsets.
  • Validate Helix DNA Client technology in a mobile environment as a solid reference for other mobile device applications.
  • Minimize and keep under scutiny the static footprint and runtime memory use of the mobile Helix DNA Client profile.
  • Optimize and keep under scrutiny performance of the mobile Helix DNA Client profile.
  • Provide solid foundation for enthusiast contributors and streaming technology innovators.

Current Project:

Product Versions:

Product Helix DNA Client Version GUI Type Core Symban OS Version Platform SDK Version Target Device Status
HelixPlayer for Symbian v3.0 Atlas - v3.0 S60 9.1 S60 - 3rd Edition, Maintenance Release Nokia N73 Completed
HelixPlayer for Symbian v1.1 NeptuneX (hxclient_1_4_2_neptunex) S60 7.0s S60 - 2nd Edition Nokia 6620 Completed
HelixPlayer for Symbian v1.0 NeptuneX (hxclient_1_4_1_neptunex) S60 6.1 S60 - 1st Edition, FP1 Nokia 3620 Completed

How to prticipate:

To participate, simply contact developers working on HelixPlayer for Symbian by sending email to porting-symbian@helixcommunity.org mailing list. Subscribing to the list will ensure you are included in all discussion regarding development and planning of this project.