Changes v1.3.0 Features Added - Added player.has_error_sink member which is set to non-zero when the underlying media engine does not support error sink callbacks. Bug Fixes - No longer throw an exception in when the media engine does not support the error sink interface. Also set the player.has_error_sink member to false when this is the case, and raise a ValueError if an attempt is made to set an ON_ERROR callback when player.has_error_sink is false. Changes v1.2.0 Features Added - Got user-defined sites working on Unix. Bug Fixes - Fixed a crashing bug in player.schedule(). Changes v1.1.0 Features Added - Added the method. Changes v1.0.1 Bug Fixes - Added HX_CLIENT_ENGINE environment variable to specify the filename of the media engine on Windows / UNIX. - Fixed KeyError when calling player.stats() on composite stats keys. - Updated client engine filename on Win32 (clntcore.dll). Changes v1.0.0 Initial release.