Helix DNA Network Protocols

Helix DNA Network Protocols

Protocol Overview

The Helix DNA Client and the Helix DNA Server contain a number of protocol components which enable each to communicate with the other. The Helix DNA typically relies on standard protocol specifications (like RTSP, SDP, RTP and HTTP), but in some cases rely on proprietary protocols like Real Data Transport (RDT).

History of Helix Protocols

Helix DNA started with a proprietary protocol called PNA, then moved on to a mixture of standard and proprietary solutions with RTSP and RDT/RTP. The future direction of Helix is to rely on standard protocols so as to enable inter-operation with other media clients and servers. Protocols require, by definition, more than one end system to function. Helix Protocols are typically flexible, scaleable, and efficient and rely on a community approach to protocol development.


Standard Protocols

Proprietary Protocols

  • Real Data Transport (RDT)

Protocol Implementations

Additional Documentation

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