Helix DNA Producer SDK Overview

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Helix DNA Producer SDK Overview

Here is an overview of what is available today:

A/V Data Type Input Support

Source code is provided for support of these input types:

  • Uncompressed AVI files
  • Uncompressed QuickTime files
  • WAV files

Binary-only support (Binary Licensees only) is provided for these input types:

  • Live audio and video capture devices
  • Uncompressed Wav
  • Uncompressed QuickTime
  • Uncompressed AVI
  • Compressed AVI (Windows Only/Requires DirectShow)
  • Digital Video (DV) files (Windows Only/Requires DirectShow)
  • MPEG1, MPEG4 (Windows Only/Requires DirectShow)
  • MPEG2 (Windows Only/Requires DirectShow. Requires DirectShow MPEG2 decoder which are installed by many PC DVD Players.)
  • Compressed QuickTime (Windows Only. Requires QuickTime Player 5 or later.)
  • NeXT Sound files
  • Sun audio files
  • AIFF files

In the future, source code for additional input types may be posted by RealNetworks or other community members.

A/V Data Type Output Support

Source code is provided for support of these input types:

  • Vorbis Audio

Binary-only support (Binary Licensees only) is provided for:

  • RealMedia streaming broadcast
  • File output in RealMedia format (*.rm and *.rmvb.)

In the future, RealNetworks and other community members may release source code for file output in additional formats, such as:

  • MP3
  • MPEG4/3GPP

Other Features Provided as Source Code

  • Logging
  • Audio resampling
  • Audio format conversion
  • Audio monitoring
  • Video black level correction
  • Video color conversion
  • Video cropping
  • Video inverse telecine correction and deinterlacing
  • Audio gain

Other Features Provided as Binaries

  • Video resizing
  • Video noise reduction


Helix DNA Producer SDK can currently be compiled on the following platforms:

  • Windows NT4, 2000, and XP with MSVC 7.0
  • x86 Linux 2.2 with gcc 3.2
  • Macintosh OS X with Project Builder 2.1 and gcc 3.1

Helix DNA Producer command line application currently will run the following platforms:

  • Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and XP
  • Linux 2.2, 2.4 with glibc 2.1 or greater
  • Macintosh OS X

Other platforms may be added over time by various members of the Helix community, including RealNetworks.