Real 10 Export Plug-in for Mac OS X - Roadmap

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Real 10 Export Plug-in for Mac OS X - Roadmap

Last Updated: 2004-04-01

Welcome to the development roadmap for the Real 10 Export Plug-in for Mac OS X. This documents describes the current plans for the QuickTime-based Real 10 Export Plug-in. On this page, you can also find out how to that you can get involved in this project.


The Real 10 Export Plug-in for Mac OS X is a standard QuickTime export plug-in for exporting to RealAudio or RealVideo from any application on the Mac that supports the QuickTime export API. The following are applications that will be tested:

  • Apple/Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express
  • Apple/iMovie 4
  • Apple/Quicktime Player
  • Discreet/Cleaner 6
  • Avid/Free DV
  • Adobe/Premiere 6.5
  • Adobe/After Effects 6


The timeline for this project is presented below.


As noted above, beta release is scheduled for April 7 and gold is tentatively planned for May 21.

The development and QA schedules are posted as well. These are the windows were dedicated developer and QA support is scheduled for. Other developer and QA support from community members may occur outside those dates.

Note: The dates are estimates so please don't read too much into the dates other than these are dates we hope to reach a given milestone. Details on each of the milestones are provided below in the respective sections on each project.

Following describes the timeline above in more detail:

  • Alpha - Mar 29
    • Code Complete
    • Tested in 2 applications and smoke tested in 5
  • Beta - Apr 7
    • Testing complete in 3 applications
  • Gold - May 21
    • Full testing for compatibility with all applications in test plan

Possible Community Projects

If you are interested in contributing to the Real 10 Export Plug-in for Mac OS X see below. If you have more suggestions for this list, please feel free to email them to the project owners or submit them here.

  • Testing on from other applications not listed above
  • Bug fixing for applications for which export is not working