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Using The Command Line Application

To start, you'll need to build the command line application or download a pre-compiled copy in the downloads page. You can also compile your own copy by following the instructions in the Helix DNA Producer SDK Quick Start Guide.

To use the pre-compiled command line application follow the instructions below:

Helix DNA Producer command line application is distributed as a compressed archive. There is no installer to run and all the files it needs are self-contained in one directory. To unpackage and run the command line application:

  1. Unpack the .zip/.tar/.sit file you downloaded.
  2. Open a command prompt
  3. Change directory into the application directory
  4. Type 'producer' to see a listing of help on the screen. Type 'producer -m' to see a complete help file in HTML format.

For more information, see the Helix DNA Producer Command Line Application Tutorial.