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  • Name: Sarah Brightman
  • Age: 27
  • Occupation: Legal Aid

Sarah works in a small law office, and doesn't get out much to meet people, making her a potential customer. Sarah would like her profile to stand out from the others on the site. She's posted her photo, but would also like to provide a short clip of her voice, or maybe a video through her DV camera. Sarah's computer experience is primarily with Microsoft Word on Windows 2000, Lexus/Nexus legal research software, and Outlook email at work. She admits that she can get a little intimidated by these programs from time to time. She also has a Dell PC at home that she primarily uses for web browsing and email with friends, and with her digital camera. She has a modem connection to an AOL account. Sarah doesn't know anything about producing video, but she wants to look good in her profile. She doesn't care about specific settings, but she could use some tips on how to make the image look good, and she'll want to preview it herself before other people see it.

Usage Scenario

  • Sarah's New Kitten
  1. Sarah just got a new kitten, and wants to show a little video of him to her parents, who live a two hour drive away.
  2. Sarah sits down at her computer with her kitten in her lap, and opens the program to capture a movie with her web cam.
  3. The program opens and is setup to encode a video to be emailed. The preview is already showing the feed from her web cam, and there is a prominent recording control.
  4. Sarah adjusts her web cam to show her and the kitten. The kitten isn't holding still of course, so Sarah is a little distracted by the little tribble.
  5. Sarah finds and presses the record control.
  6. She looks at the camera, and says "Hi mom and dad. I wanted to show you my new kitty," Sarah holds her kitten up beside her face, and the kitten and her touch noses. "His name is Chester, and he's 8 weeks old, and I just brought him home today. Anyway, you'll have to meet him the next time you come for a visit. OK, love you guys. Bye!"
  7. Sarah sets Chester back on her lap, and scratches his head. She finds the stop button in the program to end the recording.
  8. Next, she plays back the recording to make sure it looks and sounds ok.
  9. She decides she wants to trim the first and last few seconds off the recording, because it took her a moment of being distracted by Chester before she pressed the stop button.
  10. Sarah sets new start and end markers where she wants them, while trying to keep Chester in her lap, and selects a control to email the video to her parents.
  11. Her email program opens, and a new message is created with the video attached to it. Sarah addresses the email to her parents, types in a title, a subject line, and presses send.
  12. Sarah is on a 56k modem, so the send takes about 15 seconds with the video attached, but after that, the message is off.
  13. At this point, Sarah is distracted by incoming email, and forgets about the movie capture program. Chester settles down for a nap in her lap.