Welcome to the Android Porting Project

Welcome to the Android Porting Project


This project is designed to port the Helix DNA codebase to act as the primary media engine on the Android (Google's) mobile operating system. The Helix DNA client porting project is not designed to create a top level Java application, but instead replaces the existing media engine to allow developers to create the desired user interface.

The overall process involves porting the Video, Audio and Network components to be able to function with Android after an intial Operating System modification to function with ARM Processors. In order to fully replace the existing media engine architecture, this project is implementing a capture and encoding module (CAPENC) to utilize capturing video and images from camera devices by leveraging the ProducerSDK.

The focus of this intial port is to create a media platform that will allow OEMs the option to replace the default media engine and is not targeted for a specific model phone, but is intended to function with Mobile Phones and not Intel chipsets. This primarily affects what codecs are supported by the project and in what order they are developed, starting with MP3 and AAC for audio, then h.264 and MPEG-4 for video. Once the initial set of codec wrappers are developed using the OpenMax architecure, the project roadmap will be expanded to include more codec support.

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