Frequently Asked Questions (RealPlayer 11, Helix Player 11)


Frequently Asked Questions (RealPlayer 11, Helix Player 11)

Q. I updated RealPlayer the first RealPlayer 11 release ( with, but the audio and video are still not working better than before!

A. RealPlayer contains workaround for PulseAudio and XVideo issues. However, the workaround only kicks in on a clean install (on a system without previous installation of RealPlayer) or after a player reset:

Help Menu / Player Reset...

WARNING: This will delete your player's Favorites menu and other player settings. You can keep a copy of ~/.config/real/realplayerrc if you want to restore it later.

Q. How can I install RealPlayer 11 Gold on Ubuntu (or any Debian-based Linux distributions)?

A. An official RealPlayer 11 .deb package is available at

1. Enter the following URL into a web browser: 

2. Click on the "DEB Package" link.

3. When the "Opening RealPlayer11GOLD.deb dialog box appears, click on "Open with GDebi Package Installer (default)".

4. Click OK to run GDebi Package Installer.

5. When "Package Installer - realplay" dialog box appears, if the "Status:" shows "All dependencies are satisfied", click on "Install Package" button.

6. Enter your user password when prompted.

7. When the installation is done, the "Close" button became enabled (not grayed out). Click on it.

After installation, RealPlayer menu will appear under:

Applications desktop menu / Sound & Video / RealPlayer 11

Q. Running RealPlayer with 3D desktop causes BadMatch X Window System error!

A. If RealPlayer encountered the following error:

The program 'realplay.bin' received an X Window System error.
This probably reflects a bug in the program.
The error was 'BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)'.
  (Details: serial 41 error_code 8 request_code 141 minor_code 13)

Try grepping for the request_code above in the following command:

xdpyinfo -queryExtensions | grep -E 'opcode: *141'

If this command shows XVideo in its output, try turning off XVideo in RealPlayer (or disable 3D desktop on your system.)

You can disable 3D desktop (on Fedora 9) following these steps:

Desktop System Menu / Preferences / Look and Feel / Desktop Effects / Disable the desktop effects.

Q. RealPlayer plays video clips in incorrect colors.

A. Try disabling XVideo using the following steps:

Tools Menu / Preferences / Hardware / Uncheck "Use XVideo" checkbox.

Q. I am having audio problems with RealPlayer.

A. Make sure that your audio system is configured properly.

Then, you can try the following commands to find out if your "default" ALSA audio device is working.

If not, if your "cards.pcm.default" ALSA audio device is working.

$ speaker-test -channels 2 --device default
$ speaker-test -channels 2 --device cards.pcm.default

If "default" isn't working, but "cards.pcm.default" is (as in the case of some recent systems configured with PulseAudio), change RealPlayer to use cards.pcm.default:

ToolsMenu/Preferences/Hardware/Audio driver:/ALSA/PCM Device:
  Change default to cards.pcm.default.

Q. When PulseAudio is turned on, RealPlayer crashed, triggering gnomebreakpad that caused Fedora 9 desktop to become unstable.

A. Try the cards.pcm.default solution to the above FAQ item.

That should avoid the crash caused by interacting with PulseAudio.

If for some reasons, the desktop is still becoming unstable, try disabling gnomebreakpad by setting the GNOME_DISABLE_CRASH_DIALOG environment variable. Here is an approach:

$ su
# gedit /opt/real/RealPlayer/realplay

Then, add the following line below "ARG0=$0":


Q. I installed RealPlayer using RealPlayer11GOLD.bin, without a package manager. How can I uninstall it?

A. To cleanly uninstall RealPlayer11GOLD.bin, execute the following script and then simply removing the installation directory:

$ sudo -i
# /opt/real/RealPlayer/postinst/
# rm -rf /opt/real/RealPlayer/

If you installed with .rpm, it is more favorable to uninstall using the following command:

rpm -e RealPlayer

If you installed with .deb, it is more favorable to uninstall using the following command:

dpkg -r realplay

If you installed the .rpm package using alien on a Debian-based system, it is more favorable to uninstall using this command:

dpkg -r realplayer

(The inconsistency among these different methods has been fixed by adopting "realplay" as the package name and will be available in future releases.)


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