Helix Player Development


Helix Player Development

This section of the website contains information pertinent to the development of and with the Helix Player.

If you have a question about how to use the player, please ask on our player-users mailing list or look in the user forum.

If you have development or player build questions, please subscribe and then send email to player-dev@helixcommunity.com.


Note: In Helix Community Projects, the term, Helix client, refers to the Helix media engine without the GUI, while the term, Helix Player, refers to the GUI (graphical user interface) projects. Helix Player incorporates Helix client as its core.

Getting Started With Building Helix Player

If you want to get right into building the Helix Player, start right here.

  1. Follow the QuickStart.
  2. Join the player-dev email list.


Note: Follow this link to RealPlayer build Quick Start Guide.

Helix Player Development Information

  • overview-architectural and implementation details of the player and various features.
  • plans-specifications, important dates, etc. for development on current and released players
  • progress-tracking for the development process.
  • tasks-open tasks that need fixing (a good place for new developers to start)
  • future-features being considered for future releases
  • ideas-lend your creative ideas for improving the player
  • ports-information, status on porting the player to other operating systems & architectures.
  • contributions-how to contribute code, bug fixes, features, etc...
  • policies-rules and process for committing code, CVS use, etc...
  • utilities Some helpful utilities for developers.

Jumping Off

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