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Helix Player Progress

Keep this page bookmarked for status on the development of the Helix Player.


Play in Helix Player - Send clips playing in a web browser plugin to the stand-alone player

Playlists - Create and play playlists

Cayenne - support for the Helix Cayenne Core

ALSA - support for ALSA sound

MultiChannel Audio - surround sound

SuperBuffer - allow pausing of live streams

Windows Media - playback of Windows Media files

LSB - conform to Linux Standards Base requirements


Balto Linux Milestone Schedule

Author: Donya Shirzad
Status: Working Document
Document Created: 1/30/2007
Last Modified:6/26/07 @ 1:28 PM

Milestone criteria may change if something cannot be achieved. If this occurs, then those criteria not achieved move to become part of another milestone, or are dropped, depending on importance. Status will be reviewed at least weekly, and the target criteria updated accordingly (will always try to move something up when moving something else further back).

Date Target Milestone Criteria Notes
  • Passes BVT
  • Cayenne Core integrated, UI updated and passes acceptance test
  • Internet Bandwidth Test complete and tested
  • ALSA Audio supported and tested
  • Multi-Channel audio supported and tested
  • Master Volume Control complete and tested
  • Play in Helix Player
  • Play In Helix Player implemented by Rahul Lal - C.A.C. Media
2006 - 2/5/07
  • Passes BVT
  • LSB local build environment working
  • LSB obsolete APIs updated
  • Playlists import / export, selection and initial UI completed
  • Changing milestone naming to coincide with bi-monthly calendar
2/6/07 - 2/21/07
  • Passes BVT
  • LSB nightly builds in build farm
  • Playlists UI layout finalized
  • Playlists Favorites and Recent Clips refactoring
  • Playlists play recent clips support added
  • Playlists complete and tested
  • All M2 P1 bugs fixed and tested
  • Windows Media is supported andtested (internal-only)
  • SuperBuffer spec reviewed
  • SuperBuffer testplan written and reviewed
  • LSB 486 perf tested
  • Inserting LSB work and more detailed Playlists tasks
  • Windows Media playback in internal builds only, due to licensing restrictions.
2/22/07 - 3/7/07
  • Passes BVT
  • LSB Sample Implementation set up
  • Playlists M3U absolute URLs
  • Playlists save between sessions
  • Playlists remove continuous and shuffle from menu
  • Playlists error badges and skipping upgrade
  • Playlists complete
  • All M2 P1 bugs fixed and tested
  • Helix Test Tool database updated
  • All LSB Sample Implementation issues are known - waiting on fixes from LSB before continuing work on LSB.
  • Waiting for internal nightly LSB build machine setup
3/8/07 - 3/21/07
  • ABD bug fix
  • Playlists M3U absolute URLs
  • Playlists save between sessions
  • Playlists remove continuous and shuffle from menu
  • Check for Updates redirect script on helixcommunity
  • WMA and WMV tested
  • LSB 486 perf tested
  • WM Fluendo profiling
  • Xvideo fix verified

Unplanned Work:

  • Fix Linux Release Builds - not currently getting release builds from the build system.
  • gerror fix
  • get lsbcc working for build system - put on hold until at least Playlists are complete and Release Builds are working.
  • Check for updates redirect script can't be updated until real.com has a location for their script. Donya meeting with Ops team on this.
3/22/07 - 4/4/07
  • Passes BVT
  • ABD bug fix
  • Playlists show right-click error messages
  • Playlists complete
  • LSB nightly builds in build farm
  • SuperBuffer SOD written
  • SuperBuffer get private cross-platform code compiling
  • All M2 P1 bugs fixed and tested
  • WM Fluendo profiling
  • Check for Updates redirect script on helixcommunity
  • AAC Coding technology fix

Unplanned work

  • DTDR causing jump to next clip on error.
  • WM metadata issues after wrong protocol error.
  • Helix Community upgrade broke Help URLs - waiting for fix.
  • Waiting for check for updates URL from real.com team
4/5/07 - 4/18/07
  • Passes BVT
  • LSB 486 perf tested
  • Playlists tested
  • WMA and WMV tested
  • All M4 and M5 P1 bugs fixed and tested (ABD bug fixing)
  • WM mostly complete; need to verify against mac bugs. ASF?
  • Umakanth out on vacation


  • ASF tested and verified. WM testing completed.
4/19/07 - 5/2/07
  • Passes BVT
  • ADB bug fixing.
  • QA: Chart uptime/comparison data.

Unplanned work

  • real.com updates
  • LinuxFest preparation
  • Indian Music sites bug fix
  • Frame Scrubbing implemented


  • ADB bugs fixed.
  • real.com team working on upgrade pages.
  • switchboard ready
  • Playlists shuffle bug
  • LinuxFest
5/3/07 - 5/16/07
  • Passes BVT
  • ABD testing complete
  • QA: Chart uptime/comparison data.
  • Superbuffer spec and interface research
  • Superbuffer SOD is written

Unplanned Work

  • Updating QuickStart guides
  • Test Automation research
  • Help bug is fixed


  • Working on SB SOD
  • Updating quickstart guides
  • ABD bug in test, still need to test different subnets.
  • QA Finishing uptime comparison chart.
  • Helix Test Tool updates in progress


  • SOD is written, needs to be reviewed and uploaded.
  • ABD is done
  • Comparison chart is done, resource usage low
  • Debug build can be used to test Check for Updates
5/17/07 - 5/30/07
  • Passes BVT
  • Helix Test Tool database updated
  • Helix Test Tool test plans written
  • SuperBuffer SOD review and publish
  • SuperBuffer slider widget investigation
  • SuperBuffer slider labels implemented
  • SuperBuffer slider mouseover investigation
  • SuperBuffer buffered region support in custom GTK range complete (2)
  • SuperBuffer metadata changes complete (2)

Unplanned Work

  • Korean localization bug
  • Revised SuperBuffer dev estimates complete
  • OLPC - getting player plugin to build on Atlas
  • regressed Indian music site bug


  • working on the slider graphics and animation


  • Finished check for updates and general test plan updates. Still working on Unannounced Feature test plans.
  • Test plan reviews this week


  • Working on buffered region support
5/31/07 - 6/13/07
  • 64-bit AAC codec research
  • Superbuffer interface with hxclientkit/core (3 days)
  • SuperBuffer seek restriction complete (1)
  • SuperBuffer Live and OnDemand GUI complete (2)
  • SuperBuffer integration with previous slider widget complete
  • SuperBuffer Linux-specific test cases are written
  • Helix test tool test plans reviewedand posted.
  • QA beta schedule complete and reviewed
  • Check for Updates script server setup

Unplanned Work

  • xvideo is causing black and white video playback - report to Greg
  • SuperBuffer graphics in the installer


  • Buffered region almost finished.
  • Nightly builds are having issues with Check for Updates


  • SuperBuffer graphics are done.
  • Animation is done
  • Working on integration of gui to superbuffer
  • Helix test plans have been reviewed and are in process of being posted
  • reviewing the check for updates redirect script
  • Fedora 7 released


  • Waiting for AAC response on licensing
  • Working on the Superbuffer interface with the core
  • Superbuffer sliders do not need to be integrated
  • working on Check for Updates script to pass URL params
  • xvideo bug is no repro
  • one last test case to break down, then post test plans
6/14/07 - 6/27/07
  • Superbuffer interface with hxclientkit/core (3 days)
  • SuperBuffer seek restriction complete for live clips (1)
  • SuperBuffer Preferences
  • SuperBuffer Low disk space handling complete
  • SuperBuffer Linux-specific test cases are written
  • Check for Updates script updates for Bug page
  • Check for Updates script updates to point to real.com
  • ALSA, Multichannel, Internet Bandwidth Test, ABD: 3 days
  • Playlists, Windows Media testing: 3 days
  • Legacy features - playback transports, network, datatypes: 1
  • Cayenne Core stable and passed acceptance tests.
  • ** File Format test coverage
    • TrickPlay test coverage
  • Embedded Player: 2 days
  • Check for Updates testing


  • First-run graphics across the top and side need to be updated for beta
  • Superbuffer integration in progress
  • Check for updates script is ready for testing on staging server


  • Live streaming working with superbuffer.
  • working on animation
  • post-install typos fixed
6/28/07 - 7/11/07
  • Superbuffer testing - 10 days
  • bug regressions 10 days
  • ports page review
  • linux icons review
  • Feature Set for Beta is Frozen.

  • tbd
  • Chrome update
  • Chrome testing
  • SuperBuffer metadata changes complete (2)
  • SuperBuffer Extending playback controls complete - necessary without Metadata change?
  • checkin AAC Compile from Source fix
  • 'UI Nomenclature sweep'
  • 'LSB completion tasks'
  • ** nightly builds in build farm
    • distcodes uncoupled from compile platform
    • rename icons with vendor prefix
    • Make OGG PIC
    • bundling .so files
    • Sample Implementation
    • LSB CC
    • Post-inst
    • research symbolic links in /usr/lib etc.
    • installer dependencies
    • answers from LSB regarding files installed outside directory - mozilla plugin, symlinks, etc. and library dependency issues.
  • Unannounced Feature
    • Unannounced Feature spec is written and reviewed
    • Unannounced Feature testplan is written
    • Unannounced Feature UI is ported
    • Unannounced Feature SOD is written
    • Unannounced Feature testplan is written
    • Unannounced Feature is functionally complete and has passed acceptance test.
    • codec support
  • Localization testing
  • Triage bugs from Bingo
  • Check for Updates on Install stats
  • Improved two-pane content handling
  • Uninstall Script verification
  • Updated Embedded Player
  • Release for Partner testing
  • 'Security exec stack'
  • 'Update Readme Files'
    • system requirements
    • master volume control change

  • Re-run and passes Acceptance tests from pre-Beta Milestones
  • All P1 issues are resolved for Beta.

  • Passes BVT
  • Branding* is finalized
  • Any new P1 issues are resolved for Beta.

  • Passes BVT
  • Pass all Acceptance tests.
  • All P1 and P2 issues resolved for Beta release.
  • Complete test pass finished.
  • Passes BVT
  • Passes All Acceptance tests.
  • All P1 and P2 issues resolved for Beta release.
  • Documentation is complete and verified by QA.

Criteria not achievedCriteria achievedCriteria achieved later than planned Criteria Rolled Forward

Out of Office

  • Daniel - June 27th - July 16th

Jumping Off

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