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Helix Player Plans

Balto (Helix Player 11)

Balto is the codename for the current version of the Helix Player both released and still being updated. Helix Player 11 was referred to as Helix Player 2 before it was released.

Download a nightly build to test out the features as they become available.

Feature Proposals

The following are the features to be added in the Helix Player 11.0 release. See Helix Player Progress for details on the schedule and Helix Player Future for features being considered for the next release.

  • Play in Helix Player
  • Playlists
    • Queue up your music in a playlist
  • 11th generation Helix Client Media Engine, codename Cayenne, including the following new features:
    • TrueLive - From camera glass to monitor glass in 5 seconds
    • Auto Bandwidth Detection - Detect the best streaming bitrate for your internet connection
    • PlayNow - Reduce the amount of time spent initially buffering clips
    • Open source, cross platform fixed point AAC codec
  • ALSA
    • Support for ALSA sound
  • Multichannel Audio
    • surround sound
  • SuperBuffer
    • allow pausing of live streams
  • Windows Media
    • playback of Windows Media files over file:// and http://
  • LSB
    • conform to Linux Standards Base requirements

Bingo (Helix Player 1.0)

Bingo is the codename for the currently shipping Helix Player 1.0. We recently released an update (10.0.6) which addresses some security vulnerabilities. Bingo is in maintainance mode, and we aren't planning any new releases of it except in the event of another security issue or a major bug. We will post any new plans for Bingo here.

Jumping Off

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