HelixPlayer MS1


HelixPlayer MS1

Release Notes

The Helix Player is the Helix Community's open source media player for consumers. This document covers download and installation instructions , known issues and frequently asked questions for the HelixPlayer MS1 release.

Download and Installation Instructions:

The release includes a GTK based player and a mozilla plugin. We are still early into the implementation and hope that this release will spur usage and participation. The release and sources are available for download here (two distributions - one built with gcc 3.2 and one with 2.95).

Please read the Known Issues before you download so that you can choose the right version for your system.

After you download the appropriate file, extract the contents into a directory and run the executable (hxplay).

If you need help installing please check the forums and the mailing list archives first to see if your question might have been already answered. If you need further assistance you can post in the forums. I also encourage you to join and participate in our mailing lists. Any feature requests and suggestions can be sent to the Player Feature Suggestion program manager . Please post any bugs you encounter to the bug database (Issuezilla). Here is a quick link to enter an issue for the Player project.

Known Issues

Please be aware that this is a early MileStone build and is not very stable. It might not work on your system at first try. There are menu items and buttons that might not behave properly. Please use the avenues mentioned above to report to us your experiences.

1. If you have problems with video playback freezing and you're on a glibc 2.3
system (like RedHat 9.0) try setting LD_KERNEL_ASSUME, eg:

        LD_KERNEL_ASSUME=2.2.5 ./hxplay


        export LD_KERNEL_ASSUME=2.2.5

2. There are two player distributions provided: one built with gcc 3.2, and
the other built with gcc 2.95.

If you want to be able to fully use the mozilla plugin, you will need the
distribution that matches your mozilla. You can check the compiler used
to compile mozilla by going to the url about:buildconfig

3.  If you are using the player version compiled with gcc 3.2, you will need a matching
    /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.5 compiled with gcc 3.2

4. You will need a 2.2 version of gtk.
    You can check your gtk version with the following command: pkg-config --modversion

5. Install using the following commands: cd /usr/local tar -vxzf /path/to/HelixPlayer.tar.gz
    cd HelixPlayer export HELIX_LIBS=/usr/local/HelixPlayer ./hxplay The "export HELIX_LIBS=/usr/local/HelixPlayer"
    command can be added to your .bashrc.


Please go to the FAQ area of the HelixPlayer forums to have your questions answered.