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Helix Player

Final versions:

Helix Player 11 for Linux Gold: 

RealPlayer 11 for Linux Gold:

Welcome to the Helix Player project!

The Helix Player is an open source media player for Linux, Solaris, and Symbian based on the Helix DNA Client media engine. More operating system versions are currently in development. This site is where you can download the latest version of the player, find answers to questions about it or even get involved with improving it.

Helix Player 11.0

Helix Player 11.0 ( formerly referred to as Helix Player 2.0 and codenamed Balto ), is available for download on the player downloads page.

Helix Client 3.0

The client engine that will power the 3rd generation of Helix Players is now released! See the client page for more information.


As an open source project our product can only improve through the active participation and collaboration of numerous individuals from all over the world. There are many ways to get involved and we encourage every user to do so! Below are some jumping off points to get you plugged in and active in the project.

  • Developers: learn how to build the player from scratch, read documentation, contribute a bug fix, implement a new feature or port the player to a new OS.
  • Testers: run through our test plans, submit bugs.
  • Translators: translate the player into a new language.

Other Players

Symbian Player

Mobile phone users should check out the Symbian Helix Player project, which is closely related to the Linux/Unix Helix Player.

Mac Player

Windows Player

Broken Links? Please email: player-dev@helixcommunity.org