Picard Project Overview

This project contains MusicBrainz integration projects, such as the Helix enabled Picard tagging application. MusicBrainz is a user maintained community music metadatabase, and RealNetworks will be working with MusicBrainz to create a fully featured music tagger that uses the best from the Helix Community and from MusicBrainz:

Robert Kaye, Mayhem & Chaos Coordinator and creator of MusicBrainz says:

"This grant will bring the Helix community and the MusicBrainz community closer by integrating the technology of both projects. Helix offers an exciting new vehicle for commercial distribution of MusicBrainz's advanced tagging and metadata management features, which will enable a huge new audience of music lovers to communicate about music unambiguously."


Picard Project Overview

A Helix Community grant was awarded to Robert Kaye to create a the MusicBrainz metadata tagging application built around the core of the Helix client. Unlike the MusicBrainz Tagger this tagging application will be geared to clean up the music metadata for whole albums at a time. Instead of working track-by-track, this application will attempt to work with a whole album of tracks at a time. Working with more then one track at any one time will give MusicBrainz more context for matching a set of tracks to an actual album.

For more information on MusicBrainz, please visit the MusicBrainz web site.

Picard Project Details

This tagging application will be:

  • Cross platform, using generic C/C++, python and wxWindows/wxPython.
  • Album oriented, not track oriented
  • Use Helix for audio file preview, for audio decode and for metadata read/write.
  • Based on existing MusicBrainz code and use the MusicBrainz server.

Take a look at this snapshot of the application. It gives you some clues how Picard works.

There are three distinct subprojects inside of this tagging application:

  1. TunePimp is the MusicBrainz tagging library that encapsulates all the brains needed for MusicBrainz file identification. TunePimp calls on tunepimp plugins to create TRM acoustic fingerprints from media files, and to read/write music metadata to these files. TunePimp also handles MuiscBrainz server interaction and supports a number of features designed to make tagging music files easy.
  2. TunePimp media plugins -- these plugins are the workhorse for TunePimp. The MusicBrainz project has stock plugins for MP3, WAV, Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC, mpc, mp4 and wma support.
  3. Picard (next generation tagger) is the python based user interface shell for the tagging application. This is the portion that the end user will get to see. Since this portion of the project uses wxWindows toolkit via wxPython, this application will be released for all three major platforms soon after release.

Downloading Picard

The latest release of Picard is now available: picard-0.6.0.tar.gz.

There is even a fully contained Windows binary installer: picard-setup-0.6.0.exe.

After you download the source bundle, make sure to read INSTALL and README. It is currently not trivial to install the application since it requires a number of other libraries. Mac OS X is not supported yet (but will soon), but the Linux and Windows versions work well.

If you have feedback, please add your comments/bug reports to this wiki page. However, before you leave any comments on that page, please read the README file!

Picard Development

You can check out the source code from CVS via the picard module. Picard is the working name for this secong generation tagging application, which bore the concept name of TNG -- Tagger Next Generation.

If you would like to play with picard, please download the source code and read the INSTALL file for details on how to install the necessary prerequisites.

If you are interested in helping code Picard, please download the source and take a look at the TODO file. This file lists various tasks that still need to be carried out, but can be taken care of by someone who is just getting started hacking on picard. As Picard development progresses, more items will be added and removed.