This is the first port of the Helix DNA client requested and performed by Helix Community members. The current work on this project targets a working command line Helix DNA Client running on a Zaurus 5500 and 5600 device. In the process it will pave the way for other Linux ARM devices and platforms. Linux ARM, or Linux running on the ARM processor, is an increasingly popular choice for embedded development by industry as well as enthusiasts. Devices like PDA's, Smart Phones, Set-top Boxes, Home media gateways, etc. run Linux ARM distributions. If you are interested in helping with this effort we encourage you to join the project!

Beyond just getting the Helix DNA client running under Linux ARM, this project, along with the Symbian porting project has the following goals:

  • reduce the static footprint of the client to less than 1MB
  • reduce the runtime memory use of the client less than 1 MB for playback of certain content
  • improve the portability of the code base by abstracting where appropriate
  • improve the modularity and maintainability of the code base

The size reduction work is being tracked much more closely on Symbian porting project site, so look there for the latest information about size reduction.

People currently working on this project include....

Additionally, this project recently received a big boost by Motorola's recent announcement regarding incorporation of the Helix-based RealOne Player into select Motorola handsets. The initial focus of this effort will be handsets on the Linux/ARM platform.

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