Helix Installer Project

Helix Installer Project

This is the Helix installer project.

The project currently provides 2 kinds of installers and can be extended to include another installer:

  • Console Installer:

It is a very simple mechanism for creating a self-extracting tarball and only provides a console UI on unix. It is based on the Helix Server installer and is currently being used by the Helix Player.

  • RPM Installer:

This is provided in the form of the installer/common/scripts/buildrpm.py script.

  • DEB Installer:

The .deb installer can be provided by converting Helix Player's Debian package Umakefil to a generic builddeb.py script and then moved into the installer project.

Product-specific Installer Documentation:

Helix Player Installer Page

For more information about the project, please join the dev@installer.helixcommunity.org mailing list