The Helix DNA™ Server


The Helix DNA Server is a universal delivery engine supporting the real time packetization and network transmission of any media type to any device. The Helix DNA Server is the industry's core media delivery engine and should be at the center of any digital media system you build.

By using the Helix DNA Server as a basis for your own products, you will be able to develop an unlimited range of new line of business applications from video-on-demand services to mobile content services to managed subscriptions or sales force training applications. Or you can create truly robust reporting, billing, diagnostics, and content management tools that work in any industry. You can even build a custom server that can stream your own media types. Our goal is to enable you to develop your application to solve your need within your unique environment while the Helix DNA Server addresses the broad industry needs and environments for you.


The Helix DNA Server contains a wide array of features and capabilities that make it simple, cost-effective, and reliable for your use.

Items in italics are enabled via binary add-ons; the rest is available in source code form.

Server Core

  • Robust streaming media engine
  • Run time server performance and load statistics
  • IP access control list and IP interface binding capabilities

File Format Support - Streaming Delivery to Clients

  • MP3 Audio (.mp3)
  • RealAudio, RealVideo (.rm, .ra, .rv)


  • RTSP/RTP streaming delivery support for standards compliant clients and proxies
  • RTSP cloaked protocol support via HTTP to compliant clients
  • Media data delivery via TCP, UDP unicast and UDP multicast transports
  • HTTP delivery support
  • RealAudio and RealVideo delivery using RTSP/RDT via TCP, UDP unicast and UDP multicast transports

File System Support

  • Local (native OS) file system access support for on-demand media delivery

Broadcast Source Support

  • SDP announcement for RTP via UDP unicast and UDP multicast standards based live encodes
  • Live broadcasting for RealAudio ahd RealVideo from the Helix Producer 9.0

Authentication Support

  • For HTTP, NT LAN connections
  • Supports authenticated playback to RealOne Players and Helix DNA Client using a user name/password, or based upon a GUID
  • Supports conditional Helix DNA Client access via time debit, calendar date (PPV)
  • Supports RealOne Player and Helix DNA Client connection auditing by cookie

Administartion and Monitoring

  • Locally configurable using a XML configuration file
  • Supports remote configuration via an HTML administration system
  • Java monitor display for client connections and files/streams accessed


  • Create customized Server logs that can be directed to a local file, a TCP socket output, HTTP POST
  • Basic access.log reporting

API Support

  • Includes comprehensive API for development of application extensions and additional services


The Helix DNA Server is available under the RealNetworks Public Source License. More information on this license can be found on our licensing page.

Getting the Source

To get the source code to the Helix DNA Server, you must first register for the site and get an account. Then, you will be able to click links to agree to the RPSL. Once you have agreed to that license, click on the Projects tab, and you will be able to download the source code! </div></div>