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Helix DNA Producer Roadmap

Last Updated: 2004-04-16

Welcome to the Helix DNA Producer roadmap. This document the current plans for the Helix DNA Producer projects (producersdk and producerapps). On this page, you can also find a list of Possible Community Projects suggested by users of the Helix DNA Producer.


The Helix DNA Producer is an open source architecture for building encoding applications based on the RealNetworks Helix Producer. The code based is the same code that is used in the RealNetworks products and will be the basis for future RealNetworks encoding products.

Current Projects

Real10 Export Plug-in

Note: The dates are estimates so please don't read too much into the dates other than these are dates we hope to reach a given milestone. Details on each of the milestones are provided below in the respective sections on each project.


Mercury is the next major release for Helix DNA Producer Apps and SDK. The feature set for Mercury includes:

  • AcitveX GUI Preview (Adding Audio and Video preview to the ActiveX control)
  • Better Firewall Traversal (Improving the ability to encode through firewalls with Account-based Push)
  • IPv6 Address support (in addition to IPv4)
  • GCC 3.2 Compiler support (We are dropping support for 2.9x)
  • VC7/.Net Compiler Support (we are dropping support for VC6)

Real10 Export Plug-in

The Real 10 Export Plug-in is a standard QuickTime export plug-in for exporting to RealAudio or RealVideo from any application on Mac OS X that supports the QuickTime export API.

The following are applications that will be tested:

  • Apple/Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express
  • Apple/iMovie 4
  • Apple/Quicktime Player
  • Discreet/Cleaner 6
  • Avid/Free DV
  • Adobe/Premiere 6.5
  • Adobe/After Effects 6


The Real 10 Export Plug-in is currently in Beta release. Remaining work is to test and fix compatibility with all remaining applications listed above.

See the projects download page to download page to get involved by helping test the Real 10 Explort Plug-in on Mac OS X.

Recent Released Projects

Possible Community Projects

If you are interested in contributing to the community, the following are some suggestions for possible contributions/features requested by other members of the community. If you have more suggestions for this list, please feel free to email them to the project owners or submit them here.

  • Simple GUI for Producer
  • Mac OS X Porting
    • Uncompressed AVI Reader
    • Compressed QT Reader (using QuickTime libraries)
    • RealMedia Broadcast (a developer wanting to work on these would need to complete Attachment G of the RPSL or RCSL to get broadcast plug-in source)
    • Capture
    • Large file (>4GB) support in input file readers
  • Pre-filters
    • DirectShow DMOS
    • Video Adjustments (hue, saturation, brightness)
    • Excessive Noise Warning Filter
    • Audio or Video Vectorscope
    • Audio or Video Watermarking
    • Video rotation (to correct video captured w/camera turned 90 degrees)
  • Logging Observers
    • Email notification of log events
    • Remote HTML Log Viewer
  • Input File Format Plug-ins
    • MPEG 2
    • Compressed File Input Plug-ins for Linux