Helix DNA Client v4.0 (Brizo)


Helix DNA Client v4.0 (Brizo)

The Helix DNA Client v4.0 (Brizo) will contain new features that will allow it to build upon the success of the "Atlas" client. Previously, various stake-holders in the community were engaged to gather input regarding the features they would like to see added to the next generation Helix DNA Client.

This project is now underway and slated to be completed in December 2010.

For the more information on the Feature Scoping process, follow this link to the Original Feature Scoping.

1 Brizo Project Overview


Project Brizo is intended to deliver improved architecture that will provide higher degree of modularization. It is expected to yield more efficiency and scalability in the final products using Helix DNA Client as well as in the development (production) cycle.

  • Start Date: 01 Jan 2010
  • End Date: 29 Dec 2010
  • Status: Developer Stable
    • Completed:
      • Branched from HEAD
      • Capture and Encoding Services
      • RDS Code
    • Current Activity:
      • HTTP Live (Transport Streams)
      • Secure HTTP Live
      • General Stabilization
      • PlayNow 3.0
    • Work remaining:
      • System Improvements

  • PrimaryEngineers:
    • Greg Wright
    • Eric Hyche
    • Sheldon Fu
    • Christina Bailey
    • Milko Boic
    • Qiang Luo
    • Umakant Gundeli

  • Project Manager: Tony Seaward

2 Brizo Features

Since the Feature Scoping was conducted in 2007, the needs of Helix Client has obviously changed and although we are using the original features as a starting off point, this list was expanded on based on the needs of current community members that have voiced the desire for the new features to be available in Helix DNA Client 4.0 (Brizo):

  • RDSCode
Rhapsody Direct Service integration allows Helix DNA Client to now connect and interact with Rhapsody backend servers. The main development work has focused on receiving RAD segmented media files which is roughly 99% of a media file and can be cached while then requesting the remaining 1% known as the EA segment of the media file which then allows playback. RDSCode also incorporates SOAP communication that enables sending and receiving of user credentials as well as metadata for tracks.
  • Capture and Encoding Services
Adding capturing and encoding to the Helix DNA client has taken a media playback engine into a Media Platform capable of handling media files all the way from creation to editing to playback. This pipeline is setup to allow any codec to be used to encode data that exists in the Helix framework.
  • HTTP Live
Although conceptually the method of HTTP live streaming has exisisted for awhile, the HTTP live segmentated streaming is becomes more common to the end user to avoid firewall issues and allows for a change in networks while continuing a quality stream based on bandwidth.
  • Stablized Symbian
To help facilitate the use of Symbian, Brizo is going to be the home for ongoing Symbian development with Helix to ensure the latest features are available while allowing stabilizing within the latest active branch.

3 How to participate

We are always looking for talented developers, testers and program managers. If you would like to join this project to accelerate it, enhance it, expand it or just learn by doing, feel free to contact the project manager for Brizo with your list of objectives and planned contributions. You may also choose to get involved informally on the mailing lists.

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