Qtopia 4.2.1 Helix Snapshot Table of Contents 1. Brief 2. Snapshot Details 3. Building Qtopia with Helix DNA Client 4. Support 1. Brief This snapshot of Helix DNA Client for Qtopia 4.2.1 contains a portion of the sources from the hxclient_1_5_0_cayenne branch. It was taken on 7 March 2006 with targeted updates to resolve GCC 4 compilation issues. 2. Snapshot Details This snapshot is intended to be used as an addition to the Qtopia 4.2.1 source package. The snapshot compliments the Qtopia 4.2.1 build with Helix DNA Client core plus a number of multimedia codecs. Only a portion of codecs available for Helix DNA Client are supported by this snapshot. Supported codecs: * PCM * AMR-NB * MP3 * H263 Supported file formats: * WAV * AMR * MP3 * 3GP Supported protocols: * HTTP Support for additional codecs can be achieved by using Ribosome to build the desired codecs outside of the Qtopia build system and then copying the codec binaries over to the Qtopia image. The following compilers have been tested and confirmed to work with this snapshot: * GCC 3.3.5 * GCC 4.1.1 * arm-linux-gcc 4.1.1 3. Building Qtopia with Helix DNA Client * Copy the snapshot package into the Qtopia 4.2.1 source directory. * Untar the package. The package is constructed such that the Helix DNA Client sources will the placed appropriately within the Qtopia directory structure once extracted. * Reconfigure Qtopia using the -helix flag. For example: ./configure -device greenphone -helix * Recompile Qtopia. Qtopia will now include Helix DNA Client as the standard multimedia engine. 4. Support For any issues regarding Helix DNA Client and codecs please visit the Helix Community support page at: https://helix-client.helixcommunity.org For any issues regarding Qtopia or the building of Qtopia with this snapshot please contact Trolltech support.