Helix DNA Client

Helix DNA Client

What is Helix DNA Client?
The Helix DNA Client is the universal digital media playback engine, supporting playback of any format and codec on any device. It provides the underlying multimedia functionality to a whole host of applications that require local and streaming playback of multiple formats in disparate environements.

Helix DNA Client location

Where is Helix DNA Client used?

The Helix DNA Client is the underlying digital media platform for the RealPlayer for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as the Rhapsody player for Windows. It is also the industry-leading media engine for multiple handsets. It can be suitably used in multiple environments to provide both consistent and great multimedia experiences to end-users.

Helix DNA Client UseCases

Who should be interested in Helix DNA Client?

If you are a GUI/application writer and are looking for a code-base implementing digital audio/video streaming and rendering technology for your GUI/application to drive, Helix DNA Client offers a solution for you that you can port to your device and tailor according to your device capabilities.

If you would like to use an existing complete player utilizing Helix DNA Client or start developing one by referencing code to an existing player, visit the Player Project in Helix Community.

Getting involved

To find out more and get in touch with developers working on Helix DNA Client, email to helix-client-dev@helixcommunity.org mailing list. To keep track of the daily code submission and technical discussions, subscribe to helix-client-dev@helixcommunity.org mailing list. For a low traffic mailing list on major announcements regarding Helix DNA Client, subscribe to helix-client-announce@helixcommunity.org mailing list.