Helix Test Automation


Helix Test Automation

Welcome to the Helix Test Automation project! This project contains a complete command-line test automation system, including test machine allocation, test queuing and execution, and results storage and reporting.

Beginning in 2002, RealNetworks created this automation system to provide a robust test automation environment for several RealNetworks products on Windows, Linux and Solaris.

Pardon Our Dust

The code has been used for many years internally at RealNetworks, but was not packaged for distribution. Please be patient as work completes to make Helix Test Automation a complete downloadable and installable system!

Getting Started: Automation Tools

While the entire automation system is not ready for prime time, some of the tools are available for individual use.

See available tools

For More Information

This system is extensively documented, both in specifications and a user manual. To find out more, read on: