Helix Community Operations Team Roadmap


Helix Community Operations Team Roadmap

Operations Team Roadmap Summary

The Helix Community Operations team supports the overall operation of the helixcommunity.org infrastructure, answers administrative queries sent to admin@helixcommunity.org and shepherds many of the email conversations on the site. We also help facilitate policy decisions such as code checkin policies and project creation policies.

Currently the team is planning several updates to the Helix Community site in order to make it more stable, robust and user-friendly. The team is busy working on Project Angstrom which is slated for completion in September 2008.

Helix Ops Communication/Planning Channels:

  • Primary discussion channels:

Feature tracking database:

  • New feature requests: File in Bugzilla in the community project
  • Ensure "Tracker", "Summary" and "Description" fields are filled out properly. "OS" and "Hardware" fields are optional. Other fields should be left to Helix Ops team to assign.

Active Plans



Estimated Release
Project Angstrom
Execution and Deployment
November 5, 2008

Project Angstrom

  • Plan manager(s): Leina Tani (ltani@real.com)

During Project Angstrom we will deploy several changes to simplify usability of the web site. Main upgrades during Project Angstrom include updating the UI for Mailing Lists and Summary pages for all projects, implementing a 'unified' search engine, implementing an LDAP server to ease load on the community CVS server, integrating a test suite and content server within the community, and integrating mailing lists with the web site.


Phase Projected End Date
Milestone 0 - Requirements Gathering and Scheduling
Done (March 18, 2008)
Milestone 1 - Coding and deployment of UI enhancements
Done (March 26, 2008)
Milestone 2 - Coding and deployment of content and test site into community
Done (June 17, 2008)
Milestone 3 - Coding and deployment of unified search July 29, 2008
Milestone 4 - Planning and initial coding of Mailing List integration
September 9, 2008
Milestone 5 - Deployment of Mailing List integration and LDAP server November 4, 2008