Helix Community Roadmap


Helix Community Roadmap

Last update: $Date: 2007/03/22 00:31:56 $

There are five major projects in the Helix Community, with different teams and different goals. They are:

To understand the planning processes for the community, see Helix Community Roadmap Planning.

Helix Client

The Helix Client team is currently hard at work on the Cayenne release of the Helix DNA Client. Discussions about roadmap issues should be started on the helix-client-dev mailing list (subscribe)

Helix Player

The team discusses feature requests in the feature request thread on the Player General Forum. It also doesn't hurt to raise issues on the player-dev mailing list (subscribe).

Helix Server

The Helix Server team hasn't produced an official roadmap as of this writing. The current development is happening on the SERVER_11_0_STABLE branch, with the team recently releasing a beta of the Helix DNA Server. Roadmap discussions for this group should be raised on the helix-server-dev alias (subscribe).

Helix Producer

Roadmap discussions for this team reside on the helix-producer-dev alias (subscribe).

Helix Community Operations

Discussions regarding the roadmap for this team occur on the open-discuss mailing list (subscribe). Additionally, discussions about the general roadmap planning process should also be started on open-discuss.