Helix™ Community Posting Guidelines

Helix™ Community Posting Guidelines

The Helix Community, like most open source communities, has a variety of public mailing lists for technical discussion of the Helix DNA source code and open to anyone to subscribe to. When someone sends an email message to the mailing list, a copy of that message is broadcast to everyone who is subscribed to that mailing list. Mailing lists provide a simple and effective communication mechanism for discussion and decision making.

Commercial Advertising
Commercial advertisements are not welcome on the Helix Community. This includes 3rd party development companies soliciting work for hire. If you stand to make money from someone acting on your post, it is probably not a good idea to post it in this forum.

Your posting must be sent from the address where you receive you list mail and which you used when you registered for your Helix Community user id. Mailman (the mailserver software used for the Helix Community) will check the sending address of your message and move it to the moderation queue if the sending address is not on the subscriber list for the particular list you are posting to.

All messages that are moved to the moderation queue need to be approved by the list administrator before they will be posted which will delay receipt of your message by your intended recipients. To ensure that your mail gets approved please follow the posting guidelines closely.

Private Emails Do Not Help Others
If you mail one of the Helix Community developers directly with a support question, you're likely to be ignored. This doesn't mean that we don't want to help you out, on the contrary, we very much want to see you succeed in using Helix. It's just that we don't like answering the same questions over and over again, and one-on-one support is pretty difficult via email. Thus we provide our general support in a public forum where the questions and answers get archived and can be used by future Helix Community members at their leisure. This also allows other knowledgable Helix Community members help us out in providing support.

New members are encouraged to introduce themselves. When joining a new mailing list, please send a message to the list describing (in brief) who you are and your interest in the lists topic

Do not cross-post messages
Cross-posting of messages is not recommended. Cross-posting of messages across multiple mailing lists is generally discouraged, as it not only possibly generates unnecessary email traffic for recipients not involved or interested in the discussion, but is also likely to result in splintered (or orphaned) discussions if everyone actively involved does not preserve the original distribution, as people may be subscribed to one list and not the other.

Given the confidential, proprietary, or otherwise more restrictive nature of Restricted & Private projects, it is imperative that messages not be cross-posted among public, restricted, and/or private mailing lists.

If in your opinion you must cross post to reach all the relevant subscribers you should only cross post to one list. If you do cross post, to capture the largest possible necessary audience, be sure to B'cc the list you cross post to and identify what list you would like the subscribers to reply to and continue the discussion on.

Use care and courtesy when forwarding someone else's message to another mailing list. Do not disclose confidential information when forwarding a message from a restricted or private mailing list to an open public mailing list.

Confidential Information disclaimers
Do not include confidential information disclaimers when posting to the Helix Community mailing lists.

How to subscribe to a mailing list
Joining a project does not automatically subscribe you to the mailing lists within the project. To subscribe to a mailing list

  • Log into the Helix Community
  • Navigate to the specific project
  • Chose the mailing list you wish to subscribe to - It is as easy as clicking on the subscribe link. <>
To post a message to all list members, send email to @helixcommunity.org Note: Most lists are moderated and you will need to wait until your subscription has been approved before your message will be posted.
Default mailing lists
Typically when a new project is created there are 5 types of mailing lists created. Each list is intended for a different category of email. In general a brief description of the mailing list is given to help you determine which list is appropriate for your message.
  • -users@helixcommunity.org
  • A more general discussion list for the project's end users
  • -announce@helixcommunity.org
  • A list for announcements of new releases and other major project news
  • -dev@helixcommunity.org
  • The main list for developers to discuss project development issues
  • -cvs@helixcommunity.org
  • Automated notification of file version control changes in the project. You should not post to this list as it is automated and only used by CVS.
  • -issues@helixcommunity.org
  • Automated notification of the project's reported issues and changes made to issues. You should not post to this list as it is automated and only used by bugzilla
The following messages are never welcome:
  • Flames and/or personal attacks on other list members.
  • Obscene language
  • Spam
  • Advertisements
Post HTML at your own risk.
Keep in mind that not everyone uses mail or news readers that can easily display HTML messages. Consequently, you will reach a larger audience if you post in plain-text. Many people simply ignore HTML messages, because it takes a nontrivial amount of effort to read them.

Ignore spammers.
Spam is constant nuisance to everyone on net. Nobody likes it. Despite our best efforts and spam blocking software you will occasionally see spam on the Helix mailing lists. If you feel the need to flame the spammer, do not CC the list. Complaining about spam on the public mailing lists only increases email volume and little else.

No anonymous messages.
If you have something to say and are are offering for others to read, you should be willing to attach your name to it, and to give people the ability to reply to you privately about it, in case they feel that a public reply would be inappropriate.

Identify your subject matter.
Not everyone has time to read all forum postings. To ensure that your message reaches the right people in a timely manner, identify your subject matter clearly in the subject line.