Helix DNA Client Licensing Term Overview


Helix DNA Client Licensing Term Overview

Under the terms of the GPL, RPSL or the RCSL, you may license the Helix DNA Client for either Research & Development Use and/or Commercial Use. The pricing for Commercial Use under the RCLS is below.

Additionally, The RCSL Commercial Use licenses also grants you the Commercial Use rights to the Real Format Client Code but only when used in connection with the Helix DNA Client

The Helix DNA Client embodies the Click-to-Stream technology

All information provided on this page is for overview purposes only. For specifics please see the appropriate agreement.

Research & Development Use License

GPL: No cost

RPSL: No cost

RCSL: No cost

Commercial Use License

GPL: No cost

RPSL: No cost


Category of Device

Helix DNA Client w/out Real Format Client Code

Helix DNA Client with Real Format Client Code

Windows-Based PC

$0.50 / Unit

$0.50/ Unit

Other Devices

$0.50 / Unit

$0.50 / Unit


  • There are MINIMUM shipment requirements for any of the above categories
  • Above licenses are for decode only -- for free encode, see the Helix DNA Producer
  • Above royalties apply for a Helix DNA and RealAudio or RealVideo
  • A $25K per year Helix development support agreement is required
  • Additional restrictions apply; see license for details and are subject to change at any time
  • To view the commercial license agreements, please use the request form found here

Please send your signed Licenses to:


Attn: Helix Community Manager

Room 2201, 22nd Floor, Tower B, Ping An International Financial Center,

No.3 Xinyuan South Road, Chaoyang District

Beijing 100027, China


You may also fax in your signed attachments to 86-10-85656477

Questions? Please send a message to licensing@helixcommunity.org.