Code Review Form - Helix Community

Code Review Form - Helix Community

For instructions on using this form, please see Submitting Patches for Helix Choose one of the following email subject lines :

CR-Client: <title>

Cut and Paste following form into message body:

Modified by: <email>
Date: <mm:dd:yy>
Project: <project name driving the change>
Bug Number:
Bug URL: 

Synopsis: <what the change is about in short>

Overview: <detailed description>

Files Added:
[File 1] - <purpose synopsis>
[File 2] - <purpose synopsis>

Files Modified:
[File 3] - <change synopsis>
[File 4] - <change synopsis>

Image Size and Heap Use impact (Client -Only):
<Description of image size and heaps size impact. >

Platforms and Profiles Affected:
<List of profiles & platforms affected and comments on how they are
 affected if they are different>

Distribution Libraries Affected:
<List of distribution libraries affected>

Distribution library impact and planned action:
<Is an update required and if so when will it occur>

Platforms and Profiles Build Verified:
<List of profiles & platforms for which build was verified>

Platforms and Profiles Functionality verified:
<List of profiles & platforms for which the functionality was verified>


Copyright assignment: <MUST be one of the following statements >
   1.      In consideration for RealNetworks' hosting and maintenance 
           of my modification, I agree to assign to RealNetworks full
           copyright ownership of the code included in the attached
           patch, and agree that RealNetworks has no duty of accounting
           to me for it. I warrant that this code is entirely original
           to and owned by me, that I can legally grant the copyright
           assignment, and that my contribution does not violate any other
           person's rights, and laws or breach any contract. I understand
           that RealNetworks may license this code under RPSL, RCSL, 
           and/or any other license at RealNetworks' discretion, and use
           the code in any way.

   2.      I [OR My company (company name here)] have[has] signed and delivered 
           a Joint Copyright Assignment to RealNetworks, and received 
           acknowledgment that the agreement was received. 

   3.      My company (company name here) submits this code under the terms
           of a commercial contribution agreement with RealNetworks,
           and I am authorized to contribute this code under said agreement. 

   4.      I am a RealNetworks employee or contractor

QA Instructions:
<Description of functionality affected & suggestions on verification