Helix Client Code Technology Compatibility Kit updated May 20th, 2005

This is the home of RealNetworks' Helix Client Code Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) v.2.0. This TCK specifies the interoperability testing specification, documentation and related testing tools delivered to Helix licensees by RN for the purpose of testing media engines against the Helix Universal Mobile and Helix Universal Server Product suite. This project is part of the larger[1]'Helix DNA Clientcategory of projects.

The actual TCK documentation can be found in the
Project Documentation areaof this project.

<b>Scope of TCK</b>

' The following is a list of test areas this TCK describes:

  • Media player-side only feature requirements - A list of required and optional features that need to be supported.

  • Helix Universal Server interoperability requirements - A description of server side features that need to be supported.


' The TCK covers scenarios for products containing the Helix DNA Client and/or Real Format Code, as well as for 3rd party players wishing to test compliance against the Helix Universal Mobile and Helix Universal Server platforms.

  1. The Helix DNA Client with RealAudio and RealVideo codec only.
  2. The Helix DNA Client with 3GPP/3GPP2, RealAudio and RealVideo codecs.
  3. The Helix DNA Client with 3GPP/3GPP2 codecs only.
  4. Use of 3GPP/3GPP2, RealAudio and RealVideo in a third party media engine
  5. Use of RealAudio and RealVideo in a third party media engine.

  1. 3GPP/3GPPS in a third party media engine.


<b>Basic Code Content Suite

Rights-free test content can be found in the[3]Project Downloads areaof this Helix Player project in the Tools for Testing section.<b>

' Test content is available in the following formats:

  • 3GPP
  • AAC
  • AMR
  • IMG
  • MPEG
  • RM
  • SMI
  • SWF

  • OGG


<b>Tools for Testing RealNetworks mobile encoding and server software is available for download from the Handset Evaluation Project in the Helix Community. This project is open to all handset manufactures, whether or not they are Helix licensees. Before access can be granted to this site a[4]

Realnetworks Master Private Pre-Release License Agreement must be signed and either faxed or mailed to RealNetworks. Once the agreement has been received and approved you will be able to access and download the needed Helix Universal Mobile product suite.

Please send your signed agreement to:

RealNetworks, Inc.
Attn: Program Manager, Helix Development Support Group
2601 Elliott Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

You may also fax in your signed agreement to: 206.674.2698<b> Questions? Please send email to handseteval@helixcommunity.org<b>
<b>Getting assistance:</b>

  • [5]RealNetworks Development Support- RealNetworks has several free and paid support options to answer questions about the Helix source code, Helix SDKs, or other licensed code and/or SDKs from RealNetworks as well as the code you are writing which utilizes the Helix platform.
  • [6]

  • - Forum for asking questions to client, format, and protocol developers



Frequently-asked Questions (FAQ):</b>

How do I ensure that my software complies with the quality guidelines set forth by RealNetworks?
The Helix Client Code TCK describes a series of tests that must be applied to any port of the Helix DNA client software. All of the tests must pass before a particular port is complies with RN quality standards. However, in some cases, certain feature specific tests may not apply to your specific implementation depending on the end products resources i.e. memory, RAM, processor speed.

How can I get help with the TCK, or ask questions related to specific TCK topics?

The Helix Community has a TCK discussion group that is actively monitored by Helix Community members and RN quality assurance personnel. Questions posted to the Community will be answered as soon as possible.

What if I am developing for a platform for which the TCK currently does not exist?

Most of the tests and acceptance criteria outlined in the TCK apply to all platforms; in some cases, certain tests will not apply to your specific implementation depending on the products resources i.e. memory, processor speed. Please contact the Helix Community for more information on your platform.

My implementation of Helix DNA Client consistently fails the acceptance tests in the TCK. What should I do?

Such questions should be directed to the Community, which is committed to the success of each of the individual partners. If the problem has been seen before, most likely solutions exist for it. If it is a new problem, it should be submitted to the Community for consideration and evaluation.

How do my suggestions get added to the Community?

The Community provides a forum for feedback on the entire Helix DNA distribution, with a section specifically dedicated to the TCK. All comments and suggestions for the TCK will undergo the same review process as any other component of the distribution.

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