Instructions for Helix Bugzilla - GForge Integration


Instructions for Helix Bugzilla - GForge Integration

Machine Setup

These instructions assume that GForge is installed on one system, Helix Bugzilla on another system, and the GForge database on a third system. All three can be installed on a single system, if necessary, at some risk to performance.

The system names used in this document are:

  • gforge-host.mydomain (IP
  • bugzilla-host.mydomain (IP
  • postgres-host.mydomain (IP

These hosts, and IP addresses, are for instructional purposes only. You must provide the correct information for your installation.

GForge Changes

Important Note: only GForge versions 3.2 and 4.5 are known to work. While other GForge versions may work without a problem, be aware that these instructions may not apply to other versions.

  1. Grant read-only postgres access to Helix Bugzilla. The account information is later provided to Helix Bugzilla:
CREATE ROLE bugzilla WITH LOGIN PASSWORD bugzilla-password;
  1. Locate and record the GForge session key ($sys_session_key in

  2. Modify $sys_cookie_domain, and set to ".mydomain" (remember, this is an example, replace with your domain).

  3. Modify tracker links in GForge itself, to point to bugzilla-host.mydomain. Helix Bugzilla responds, like the tracker does, to the group_id URL parameter. So, use this syntax for replacement tracker links:

Where "###" is the group ID for the project, which must be programmatically added in the PHP code.

Helix Bugzilla Changes

Helix Bugzilla comes equipped to integrate with GForge, so no code changes are required.

  1. Install Helix Bugzilla

  2. Log in to Helix Bugzilla as an administrator, click on "System Params".

  3. On the "gforge" tab, add a single line to "gforgedatabases", which looks something like:

The "sync" option at the end authorizes the bz_gf_sync script to synchronize from Helix Bugzilla's crontab.

  1. On the "security" tab, select "GFORGE" for "loginmethod". Note: once selected, Helix Bugzilla will immediately use this method to authenticate, regardless if you logged in with a Helix Bugzilla-only account.

  2. If automatically synchronizing with GForge, add a cron entry:
15,45 * *  *  *  apache cd /var/www/bugzilla ; nice -n 19 utils/bz_gf_sync

Newer 9.x versions of Helix Bugzilla automatically create a crontab file, under /etc/cron.d/bugzilla.#### (where #### is the host-unique serial number that Helix Bugzilla selected upon first setup). Edit that cron file, and uncomment the GForge entry instead.

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