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Helix Bugzilla

Welcome to the Helix Bugzilla project! Bugzilla is a well-known open source bug tracking system (see http://www.bugzilla.org/). RealNetworks has been using Bugzilla internally since late 2003, and in the Helix Community since 2004. This project contains a fork of Bugzilla, from version 2.17.4 (released April 2003, download the original code here).

This project is not the home of Bugzilla itself, see http://www.bugzilla.org/ for the latest official Bugzilla releases and updates. To avoid confusion, the name "Helix Bugzilla" is used to indicate the forked Bugzilla version hosted in the Helix Community.

Installing Helix Bugzilla

Helix Bugzilla and GForge in the Helix Community

In 2004, Helix Bugzilla was integrated with GForge to replace the GForge bug tracker module. With some work, Helix Bugzilla can be integrated with GForge versions 3.2 and 4.5, and perhaps others.

Helix Bugzilla 2.17.4-8.x (Retired)

The 8.x versions have now been retired. The 9.x series is now compatible with GForge, starting with version 2.17.4-9.1-2.

Helix Bugzilla 2.17.4-9.1-2

Version 9.1-2 is the latest stable version of Helix Bugzilla, and has also been tested with GForge!

Download Helix Bugzilla v 2.17.4-9.1-2

Differences Between Bugzilla and Helix Bugzilla

Here is a short list of major changes made in this forked version of Bugzilla since version 2.17.4. For more detailed information, see the release notes.

Features added:

  • Custom bug fields, visible either globally, per product, or via user permissions
  • Support for 100K+ users
  • E-mail and user role fields for user accounts
  • GForge authentication
  • Bug interlinking between separate Helix Bugzilla installations, for queries and/or bug changes
  • Saved query organizer
  • Automatic setup of passwordless, direct database access
  • XML-RPC interface
  • Real-time logs for XML-RPC and database access
  • RSS feeds based on stored queries
  • Shared stored queries
  • Support for round-robin queries across multiple databases
  • New bug template, per product
  • Comment field template based on bug state and resolution, per product
  • Bug entry rules, to deny unapproved changes to bugs in a particular product
  • Product and component CC lists
  • Added easier attachment queries
  • File system support, for storing attachments, and adding capacity
  • Triage (small) and full views of bug edit page
  • Virtual users for generic assignment (PGM, QA, DEV, etc.)
  • Template based UI customization based on user group membership

Features removed or significantly altered:

  • Bug state and resolution map simplified
  • Permissions extensively overhauled, including support for total segregation of users and bugs within the same database
  • Individual product administration can be delegated
  • Change-over-time report can run against any bug field (and is unified with normal reports)
  • Attachments stored on disk
  • Queued e-mail management
  • Significant database optimizations
  • Query cache, to increase query speed
  • Quips removed
  • Voting removed
  • Time tracking removed
  • Group behavior significantly altered
  • Database access abstracted to DBI model, significant interface re-work
  • Overhauled help system

Features which have atrophied (unused and little tested, probably contains some bugs, but not removed either):

  • Flags
  • Sanity checks
  • Dependency tree and graph

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