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CVS browse is now active

- 2004-05-25 17:41 - rarvcode-video

see main news section. This is good news

Removed forum from rarvcode-video

- 2004-05-03 19:43 - rarvcode-video

To avoid having too many forums around, I have

CVS browse not yet active

- 2004-03-26 18:04 - rarvcode-video

The CVS browse function via the web is not yet active. It is recommded that the RealVideo decoder source code is checked out via the build system, such that the project directory structure is correctly created.

removed non-active features

- 2004-03-26 17:23 - rarvcode-video

To make the rarvcode-video project less confusing to browse, I disabled all the non-active features.