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Milestone - 50th Helix-powered mobile handset announced

Kevin Foreman - 2005-06-28 16:31 - xiph

Guys, a quick thank you to all of you. Today, the Helix Community hit another major milestone... the 50th mobile handset that is Helix-powered.

Helix Player 1.0.5 / RealPlayer 10.0.5 Security Update

Kevin Foreman - 2005-06-24 07:46 - xiph

Attn Ogg developers:

RealPlayer/Helix Player Security Update

Kevin Foreman - 2005-03-02 21:50 - xiph

v0.5 Vorbis and Theora Plugins Released

Aaron Colwell - 2004-10-30 15:23 - xiph

New versions of the Vorbis and Theora plugins are available for RealPlayer 10 on Win32 and Linux. The major feature added in this release is chained file support. Ogg files can be concatenated together into a single file. These type of files were not supported before. Some Icecast broadcasts, like the Virgin Radio streams use this chaining mechanism. The new plugins allow you to listen to these type of radio broadcasts.

Vorbis and Theora released thru Gold RealPlayer 10.01

Kevin Foreman - 2004-10-06 05:17 - xiph

We are happy to announce the release of RealPlayer 10.0.1 and Helix Player 1.0.1 in their final (gold) versions support Vorbis and Theora. The players are now localised and have support for the following languages (apart from English):

Vorbis and Theora Producer Plugins updated

Aaron Colwell - 2004-09-12 00:05 - xiph

The Theora and Vorbis Producer plugins have been

Theora and Vorbis Producer Plugins available for Win32

Aaron Colwell - 2004-09-01 15:49 - xiph

Pre-Alpha versions of the Theora and Vorbis

v0.3 Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora Plugins for RealPlayer 10

Aaron Colwell - 2004-06-18 20:45 - xiph

New versions of the Vorbis and Theora plugins are now available for RealPlayer 10. This release fixes the following bugs.

Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora plugins for RealPlayer 10 updated

Aaron Colwell - 2004-05-11 15:37 - xiph

The Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora plugins for Win32 were updated to fix a few seek related problems. Lip-sync is no longer lost after a seek occurs. Downloads available here:

Xiph plugins for RealPlayer 10 available

Aaron Colwell - 2004-03-22 16:09 - xiph

Vorbis and Theora plugins for RealPlayer 10 have been posted on the Xiph Project page. These alpha quality plugins let you play .ogg files that contain Vorbis and Theora-1.0alpha3 content.