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Helix Bugzilla 8-1 and 9.1-1 Patches Released

Damon Muller - 2007-01-12 18:39 - Helix Bugzilla

Helix Bugzilla versions 2.17.4-8-1 and 2.17.4-9.1-1 have been released. These are bug fix patches. Release notes are located in the files and documentation areas in the project.

Helix Bugzilla Launched

Damon Muller - 2006-12-11 15:54 - Helix Bugzilla

The same, modified version of Bugzilla used both internally by RealNetworks and within the Helix Community is now available as a Helix project, under MPL/1.1. This is a heavily-modified fork of Bugzilla, and includes features such as: custom bug fields, enhanced user permissions, interlinking between installations, GForge integration, enhanced search features, and more.