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Milestone: 80 million mobile Helix DNA Client shipments

Kevin Foreman - 2006-06-22 04:12 - helix-producer

Another milestone for the industry standard mobile media platform - Helix .... as of last month, 80 million Helix DNA Clients have been shipped in mobile phones. This figure is represents a huge growth from the 25 million figure in Q2 2005.

A UK First - Live Int'l Cricket & Football Playoffs from Sky

Kevin Foreman - 2006-05-07 16:29 - helix-producer

This weekend marks the start of Vodafone UK offering live Helix-powered coverage of international cricket and the Football League Playoffs from Sky Sports to their 3G customers. Live football matches will be shown simultaneously live on mobile and on TV.

Milestone - 90th Helix powered mobile operator

Kevin Foreman - 2006-04-29 13:04 - helix-producer

Yet another Helix milestone....the 90th mobile / wireless operator to purchase the Helix DNA-powered "Helix Mobile Server". Besides reaching all the 3GPP-complaint handsets, we are helping these carrier partners create best-of-bread audio and video consumer services to reach the 60 Million Helix DNA Client-enabled handsets.

Autodesk ships Cleaner 6.5 and XL 1.5 with Real 10 support

Sherri Kent - 2005-12-23 17:14 - helix-producer

For content owners who have been eagerly awaiting the latest releases of the Cleaner products, Autodesk has announced the availability of Cleaner 6.5 for Mac, with support for RealAudio 10 and RealVideo 10 encoding. Cleaner 6.5 is the newest update to its professional desktop media mastering and encoding software. Cleaner is an application for encoding and optimizing video content for delivery formats ranging from the Internet and DVD to handheld mobile devices.

RELEASED: Helix DNA Server 11.0 Gold (Seneca)

Kevin Foreman - 2005-10-18 16:19 - helix-producer

The Helix Server dev team is proud to announce that version 11.0 Gold

Real 10 Export Plug-in for Max OS X – News Update

Sherri Kent - 2005-10-05 03:40 - helix-producer

This free plug-in application which enables creation of RealVideo 10 and RealAudio 10 from numerous leading Mac-based applications supporting Mac OS X versions 10.2 and 10.3, was recently reported as incompatible with the latest Mac OS X version 10.4(Tiger).

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Welcome Lincoln Lopez - Helix DNA Producer/SDK -Sr. Prod Mgr

Kevin Foreman - 2005-08-30 21:31 - helix-producer

Please join us in welcoming Lincoln Lopez to the Helix DNA Producer and Helix Producer SDK team. Lincoln has over a decade of digital media experience, of which the last nine years have been with Adobe Systems.

Sherri Kent back fulltime working with encoding developers

Kevin Foreman - 2005-08-30 19:51 - helix-producer

I'm pleased to announce that Sherri Kent is now back fulltime working with developers who are building world class audio/video encoding products. She is based in Los Angeles, California but is chartered with assisting any global encoding developer. released Helix-supported sofTV.Presenter v4.0

Kevin Foreman - 2005-08-27 15:24 - helix-producer

Last week (division of XStream Software) released sofTV.Presenter v4.0, the latest version of the software tool that enables users to create web-based multimedia presentations quickly and easily. sofTV.Presenter v4.0 provides a variety of powerful new features, which further enhance the technology's capabilities to record, encode and broadcast streaming video or audio, synchronized with PowerPoint slides and notes.

Free tutorial on Closed Captioning

Kevin Foreman - 2005-08-05 06:04 - helix-producer

Learn why captioning is important and how to easily implement it whether live or on demand.

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