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Helix and RealPlayer for Linux v11 are now available

Umakanth - 2008-04-15 06:45 - player

The RealPlayer 11 for Linux and its underlying fully open source Helix Player 11 are now both available. The RealPlayer 11 for Linux has many new features including support for playing Windows Media content on Linux. There is an integrated Playlist Editor and support for Perfect Play (Superbuffer). ALSA and surround sound playback are now supported also.

RealPlayer 10.0.9 Security Update

Umakanth - 2007-08-28 21:15 - player

RealPlayer for Linux is now available. This release is primarily a security update that addresses recently discovered security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities offered a chance for remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via input media files resulting in a player crash. We've received no reports of machines compromised as a result of the now-remedied vulnerabilities.

New RealPlayer with record button available

Scott Nelson - 2007-06-26 06:49 - player

Today RealNetworks announced that the much anticipated new RealPlayer is now available for download for free at For the first time, consumers can use one application to record and download videos from tens-of-thousands of Web sites with a single click, bringing the digital video recorder (DVR) experience to the Web and ushering in a new era in Internet video.

RealNetworks Introduces Breakthrough New RealPlayer

Scott Nelson - 2007-05-31 23:01 - player

RealNetworks® today unveiled the new RealPlayer®, the first media player to make it one-click simple to download online videos from thousands of Web sites. The new RealPlayer is based upon the Helix DNA Client framework and makes it easy for consumers to watch videos whenever and wherever they want, burn them to DVD and CD, and share video links with friends. Most major formats are supported, including Real, Windows Media, Flash, and Quicktime. The new RealPlayer will be available for free beginning next month at and a list of some of the new features follows:

Porting the RealPlayer to FreeBSD

- 2006-11-03 15:05 - player

Porting work has begun on the RealPlayer for FreeBSD 6.1. Several FreeBSD developers have taken up the cause and we've now got a FreeBSD 6.1 build machine doing nightly builds. Anyone who is interested, take a look. The work has just begun.

Novell bundles RealPlayer for Linux w/WM and Helix Banshee

Scott Nelson - 2006-08-15 22:01 - player

Real and Novell are teaming up to deliver state-of-the-art multimedia capabilities on Novell's new desktop operating system. Novell will distribute Real's upgraded RealPlayer that will support Windows Media playback, and Real's new Helix Banshee music player, with the Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.

Free Standards Group (FSG) LSB News

Scott Nelson - 2006-08-15 21:38 - player

August 14, Real agreed to certify the next release of the RealPlayer for Linux, scheduled for release in late 2006, with the FSG Linux Standards Base. In addition, Jeff Ayars, VP of Product Engineering at Real, will join the FSG LSB steering committee, the technical “board of directors” of the LSB workgroup.

RealPlayer 10.0.8 and HelixPlayer 1.0.8 Firefox 1.5 Update

Daniel Yek - 2006-08-14 16:38 - player

RealPlayer 10.0.8 and Helix Player 1.0.8 are now available. This is an update for Firefox 1.5 API changes, affecting browser-embedded Real and Helix Players.

Join Real at LinuxWorld 2006 in SF CA

Scott Nelson - 2006-08-10 11:04 - player

Please join us at LinuxWorld 2006 where we will be presenting and demonstrating "Enabling Universal Media for Linux" on Tues. 08/15/2006, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM at the Moscone Center in SF CA

Novell Delivers Next-Gen Platform for Open Enterp

Scott Nelson - 2006-07-19 17:14 - player

Monday, Novell announced the worldwide availability of SUSE® Linux Enterprise 10, the next-generation platform for the open enterprise. It includes SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED), providing a secure and reliable foundation for enterprise computing from the desktop to the data center. RealPlayer for Linux is included in this newest release of SLED as a universal media player. Novell will showcase SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco Aug. 15-17.

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