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Version 1.0 Launched!

Robert Storozyk - 2010-06-02 18:22 - Helix Media Library

The Helix Media Library version 1.0 has been launched on May 13th.

Surfing the Wave Of the Future: RealNetworks Turns to Atom

Scott Nelson - 2008-12-31 21:01 - RP for MID

"There's a huge segment between smartphones and notebooks," says Rishi Mathew, director of technology licensing operations at RealNetworks. "We have bet heavily on MIDs and netbooks."

Helix and RealPlayer for Linux v11 are now available

Umakanth - 2008-04-15 06:45 - player

The RealPlayer 11 for Linux and its underlying fully open source Helix Player 11 are now both available. The RealPlayer 11 for Linux has many new features including support for playing Windows Media content on Linux. There is an integrated Playlist Editor and support for Perfect Play (Superbuffer). ALSA and surround sound playback are now supported also.

Real Media almost 80% of all on-lne video in China

Scott Nelson - 2008-03-26 07:11 - datatype

Today, CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. released the 2007-2008 Annual Report on China's MP3 Player Market at the Consumer Electronics Market China 2008. It states, "RM and RMVB formats introduced by Real Company account for almost 80% of all online video formats, with huge market and user groups."

Intel releases Helix Dbus Media service for the Intel MID

Leina Tani - 2007-12-27 16:27 - helix-client

Intel is pleased to work with the Helix Community in releasing a snapshot of the Helix Dbus Server for the Intel MID. Intel's snapshot includes several new features including video support, window resizing and a trick play interface.

Trolltech releases Helix DNA Client for Qtopia 4.3.0

Rishi Mathew - 2007-11-09 22:17 - helix-client

Trolltech is delighted to work together with the Helix Community in releasing a snapshot of the Helix DNA Client for Qtopia 4.3.0. Trolltech's snapshot of Helix DNA Client includes several optimizations, making it easy to integrate it to Trolltech's Qtopia.

RealPlayer 10.0.9 Security Update

Umakanth - 2007-08-28 21:15 - player

RealPlayer for Linux is now available. This release is primarily a security update that addresses recently discovered security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities offered a chance for remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via input media files resulting in a player crash. We've received no reports of machines compromised as a result of the now-remedied vulnerabilities.

Motorola ships Helix(Cayenne)- based RAZR2

Rishi Mathew - 2007-08-15 01:19 - helix-client

Motorola's much anticipated MotoRazr2, which is based off Helix DNA Client (Cayenne version), is even sleeker than it's predecessor and is set to make it's US debut.

New TrollTech Qtopia Greenphone Dev. Programs

Scott Nelson - 2007-06-28 05:52 - helix-client

Trolltech, whose products use Helix, announced two exciting new programs for mobile application developers; the Qtopia® Greenphone™ Grant Program and Developer Challenge. The Grant Program is offered to open source developers who wish to experiment creating or enhancing applications for mobile devices. The Developer Challenge is for developers to show off their talent and creativity and also win money, a Qtopia Greenphone, and airfare and conference pass to Trolltech's Developer Days 2007. TrollTech's Qtopia Phone Edition and the Greenphone are integrated with the Helix DNA Client. For more information on these exciting programs please visit:

New RealPlayer with record button available

Scott Nelson - 2007-06-26 06:49 - player

Today RealNetworks announced that the much anticipated new RealPlayer is now available for download for free at For the first time, consumers can use one application to record and download videos from tens-of-thousands of Web sites with a single click, bringing the digital video recorder (DVR) experience to the Web and ushering in a new era in Internet video.

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Helix DNA Server 11.0 Beta #1

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Marrying Hypertext and Hypermedia

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RealNetworks Career Fair

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Real hiring SDEs and STEs

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Mobile phone growth of 35% in Q2

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Mercury Project Started

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Welcome to the Device DRM project

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Red Hat desktop strategy unveiled

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RealPlayer 10 Gold shipping!

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Welcome QUALCOMM to the Community

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Linux to ship with HP's Asian PCs

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Windows CE 4.2 port on x86

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