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Helix Developer Information

Helix™ Developer Information

Helix DNA technology deals with audio, video, images, codecs, formats etc, and the Helix Community aims to make this technology widely available through multiple teminals such as PC's, mobile handsets and living room devices.

Helix DNA is supported, maintained and sustained by the Helix Community: a vibrant community of  thousands of developers and hundreds of commercial entities. Prominent contributors include major entities of the multimedia ecosystem such as Nokia, Motorola, Trolltech, Samsung, SonyEricsson, TI, Intel, ST Microelectronics and RealNetworks. Several independent developers are also active Project Owners and Contributors in the Helix Community.

The Helix Community is designed to be a place where developers can collaborate with one another on the Helix technology and applications built on top of Helix. On any given day, dozens of contributors will be working on making Helix more powerful and useful to a wider audience.

Helix Community Model

Modifying the Helix DNA

It may be that while using Helix, you have ideas on how to improve it. Perhaps you have an idea for a performance enhancement on a certain platform, or you are working on porting Helix to another platform and have minor changes to help it build in your environment.

Small changes like this can be contributed easily via patches, which will be reviewed by the Helix DNA developers and possibly incorporated into the Helix DNA itself. If you want to contribute such changes, review the patch submission guidelines and send them in!

Proposing a new project

You might have bigger changes in mind for the Helix DNA -- adding brand-new capabilities not presently offered by Helix itself.

The Helix community has project proposal guidelines designed to address such changes. You can create a proposal for extending Helix, which, if approved, will also give you a workspace and assistance for adding in those capabilities. If this is of interest, read up on the Helix Community New Project Proposals and how you can participate! You might also be interested in reviewing the Contributor Agreement (PDF), which allows major contributors the flexibility of having joint copyright assignment to their contributions.

Other Key Developer Resources

  • Details on the Technical Compatibility Kit, required of RCSL licensees for commercial distribution of their Helix DNA-powered applications
  • "common" Helix Project - This is the main area which Helix developers place documentation (and code) of system-wide importance.