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Login Name: prutledge
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Philip Rutledge
Email Address: prutledge @nospam@
Site Member Since: 2014-07-21 17:45
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Project Information

This user is a member of the following projects:

Android Port (Senior Developer)

audio (Senior Developer)

BeagleBoard (Senior Developer)

client (Senior Developer)

clientapps (Senior Developer)

client-spec (Senior Developer)

client-tck (Senior Developer)

common (Senior Developer)

community (Senior Developer)

contributions (Senior Developer)

datatype (Senior Developer)

devicedrm (Senior Developer)

filesystem (Senior Developer)

forms (Senior Developer)

grants (Senior Developer)

hcp (Senior Developer)

Helix Banshee (Senior Developer)

Helix Bugzilla (Senior Developer)

helix-client (Senior Developer)

helix-dna (Senior Developer)

helix-misc (Senior Developer)

helix-producer (Senior Developer)

helix-server (Senior Developer)

Helix Test Automation (Senior Developer)

IETF mmusic drafts (Senior Developer)

installer (Senior Developer)

jabber (Senior Developer)

linuxarm (Senior Developer)

multicast (Senior Developer)

musicbrainz (Senior Developer)

olpc-player (Senior Developer)

open (Senior Developer)

panda3d (Senior Developer)

player (Senior Developer)

porting (Senior Developer)

producerapps (Senior Developer)

producersdk (Senior Developer)

protocol (Senior Developer)

pyplayer (Senior Developer)

rarvcode-video (Senior Developer)

rave (Senior Developer)

ribosome (Senior Developer)

Rosefinch (Senior Developer)

RP for MID (Senior Developer)

server (Senior Developer)

symbian (Senior Developer)

video (Senior Developer)

wideopen (Senior Developer)

wince (Senior Developer)

xiph (Senior Developer)

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