Helix Build Environment Setup

For any problems of setting up the environment, you can refer to https://helixcommunity.org/developers/get_connected_to_cvs/quickstart.

 1 Helix Precondition Tools
      1.1 Make sure you have the proper tools installed.
             1.1.1 Python 2.4.3
             1.1.2 CVS
             1.1.3 gcc 2.95 or 2.3 (Do NOT use 2.4)
         For example, in order to use gcc 3.6.4
                               Add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list (similar to step 4.1.1)
                                     deb http://cz.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hardy main universe
                                Execute these commands
                                     sudo apt-get install gcc-3.4 g++-3.4
                                     sudo rm /usr/bin/gcc
                                     sudo rm /usr/bin/g++
                                     sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-3.4 /usr/bin/gcc
                                     sudo ln -s /usr/bin/g++-3.4 /usr/bin/g++
              1.1.4 gnu Make
              1.1.5 zlib
              1.1.6 Open Motif
              1.1.7 XFree86
              1.1.8 SSH
    1.2 Create a HelixCommunity.org account.
          Link: https://helixcommunity.org/account/register 
          For example:
                Login: aljimor
               Password: xxxxxxxx
    1.3 Create .ssh directory and generate public/private SSH key
                 mkdir "$home/.ssh"
                 ssh-keygen -t dsa -f $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa
          NOTE: Do not use a password when prompted, press Enter to use a blank password.
                This creates a private key (id_dsa) and a public key (id_dsa.pub).
    1.4 Go to Your Account Page.
          1.4.1 Copy everything inside the $home/.ssh/id_dsa.pub file into the "authorized keys" window and ensure that no line breaks are included.
          1.4.2 Once you have pasted in the public key, click the Update button.
    1.5 Test CVS connection and save user information
          1.5.1 Verify port 22 is open by typing the following into the terminal.
                        ssh -p 22 cvs.helixcommunity.org
          1.5.2 The following command will tell ssh to always use your Helix user name, even if your local login name is different. Type in the following line: (NOTE: Use your own username instead of "aljimor".)
                        ssh -l aljimor cvs.helixcommunity.org
                  You should see an output like this:
                        Last login: Mon Feb 15 16:54:41 2010 from
                        !!!!!!!!!THIS SYSTEM IS THE PRIMARY CVS NODE!!!!!!!!!
                        Welcome to the Helix Community CVS Server
                        This is a *** Restricted Shell Account ***
                        You cannot execute anything here.
2 Helix Build System Setup
     2.1 Create a folder for your Helix Build for Android Generic and check out the Ribosome Build System
                        mkdir ~/beagle-build
                        cd ~/beagle-build
                        cvs -d :ext:aljimor@cvs.helixcommunity.org:/cvsroot/ribosome co build
     2.2 Make sure you set the environment variables that are required for the building.
            export CVS_RSH=ssh
            export BUILD_ROOT=/home/rhuang/beagle-build/build
            export PATH=$BUILD_ROOT/bin:$PATH
            export SYSTEM_ID=android-eclair-arm-beagle
                     NOTE: This step is very important.
                           You should navigate to $BUILD_ROOT/umakecf in order to see
                           the possible platform definitions.
                           For Android, use the one that is appropriate for your build.
     2.3 Create a .buildrc file in your home directory only if you didn't have one.
                     cd ~
                     touch .buildrc
           Make sure your .buildrc file is pointing to the proper paths.
           For example, the contents of the file should be these lines:
                     AddBIFPath("common", "[helix]/common/build/BIF")
                     AddBIFPath("client", "[helix]/client/build/BIF")
                     #SDK paths...
                     SetSDKPath("android_source", "/home/rhuang/rowboat-android-eclair")
           Where rhuang  is the Helix User Registered Name
                 /home/rhuang/rowboat-android-eclair  is the path where Rowboat Android Source is hosted
     2.4 Create a new folder for your helix client and execute the Ribosome Build System, for example
                     cd ~
                     mkdir helix-omx
                     cd beagle-omx